RF is the bottom of the barrel as far as video formats go. Otherwise known as retarded format, RF means radio frequency, and it squeezes the audio and video into one shitty cable. You should never use this type of cable unless you are using it for nostalgia, a console older than the NES, or the NES toploader. Even if your console doesn’t support anything better than RF, I would recommend getting the console modded for at least composite video. The video and audio quality are horrendous! Common effects of RF are a snowy image, white noise, dot crawl, a blurry image, and a lack of saturation.

This is the standard F connector for RF used in North America.

An introduction to vgvideoquality

This is the post excerpt.

This is a blog dedicated to finding the best video quality out of pre-HDMI video game consoles on HDTVs. No, this blog is not going to tell people to stick composite cables into their HDTV and fool people into thinking you can’t get anything better. That would be ridiculous because there are vastly superior options to composite out there. I cannot believe people would use composite if they have a Framemeister. At least use S-Video (preferably RGB)!

I do not claim to be any sort of rival to any other pro-RGB retro gamers. In fact, I watch many of them. I’m just here to spread the word and let it be known to most retro gamers.